Date:15 October 2018
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Not to be released until September 25th!
Pure & Original is a Dutch family owned premium paint brand, most known for their chalk-based paint, the Classico quality.
Date:12 September 2018
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PRODUCT LAUNCH - Pure & Original x Inside Blinds launch their first fabric collection. For more info send an email to iris.floor@pure-original.nl
Date:16 July 2018
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PRODUCT LAUNCH - Carazzo is a universal super strong waterbased lacquer. Applicable to: floors, stairs, furniture, doors, window frames and more!
Date:1 May 2018
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Pure & Original mediakit. Free of use.

Pure & Original is a Dutch company. The brand offers a wide range of wall paint, lacquers, floor paint, fašade paint and specials. All paints are waterbased, coloured with 100% mineral pigments and created with respect for human and nature.
Date:17 April 2018
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